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1、Smart people happy, I know most rare things。聪明人的快乐,是我所知道的最稀少的东西。

2、Once we have a war there is only one thing to do。 It must be won。 For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war。 每当我们开始一场**只有一件事能做。那就是赢得**。因为失败所带来的后果比由**引起的任何一件事都要可怕。

3、In a calm sea every man is a pilot。在风平浪静的大海上,每个人都是领航员。

4、The fish than tuna to unpalatable, but having said that, what is not easy。这种鱼比金枪鱼要难吃,可是话得说回来,干什么都不容易。

5、People are not made for defeat, and a man can be destroyed but not to beat。人不是为失败而生的,一个人可以被毁灭,但不能给打败。

6、As long as you do not care about the pros and cons, what life can not find ways to overcome them?只要你不计较得失,人生还有什么不能想法子克服的?

7、I learned never to empty the well of my writing, but always to stop when there was still something there in the deep part of the well, and let it refill at night from the springs that fed it。 我懂了一个道理:永远不要倒空我的创作之井,但当创作之井还有一些水的时候应该停止,然后让夜晚补给它的泉水自行将其注满。

8、People are not born to be defeated, the man can be destroyed but not defeated。人不是生来就被打败的,人可以被毁灭,但是不可以被打败。

9、Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know。 聪明人的快乐,是我所知道的最稀少的东西。

10、Everyone is secular injury, but after those who have been hurt at the most will become more strong。每一个人都被世俗所伤,而之后那些被伤害之处多半会变得更坚强。

11、It does not kill us will make us stronger difficulties。只要不杀死我们的困难都会使我们更坚强。

12、As you have love, you will want to do something for each other。 Do you want to sacrifice yourself, you want to serve。你一有爱,你就会想为对方做些什么。你想牺牲自己,你想服务。

13、The true nobility should be better than the past itself。真正的高贵应该是优于过去的自己。

14、Life and bullfighting almost。 Not you beat cow is dead cow pick you。生活与斗牛差不多。不是你战胜牛,就是牛挑死你。

15、Although the love between men and women, but often want to separate quiet moment, and a separate, inevitably provoke mistrust each other。男女之间虽然相爱,却时常想要单独静一下,而一分开,必然招来对方猜忌。

16、If a writer knows enough about what he is writing about, he may omit things that he knows。 The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one ninth of it being above water。如果一个作家对他写的东西了解的很多的话,他反而会有所遗漏。冰山的可贵之处在于只有九分之一的部分是浮在水面之上的。

17、What humans really need is very meager。人类真正需要的的东西是非常之微少的。

18、Fear of a person for the extent of death is directly proportional to their wealth growth。一个人对于死亡的恐惧程度与其财富的增长程度成正比。

19、As long as you do not care about the pros and cons, then life is what can not find ways to overcome them?只要你不计较得失的话,人生还有什么不能想法子克服的?

20、There is no friend as loyal as a book。 书籍比朋友对你更忠诚。

21、The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it。 这个世界是一个美好的地方,值得你为之奋斗。我非常不想离开这个世界。

22、Courage is grace under pressure。 勇气是压力之下的优雅风度。

23、Kill everything else, but in different ways Bale。每样东西都杀死别的东西,只不过方式不同罢了。

24、I sympathize with all the people who do not want to go to bed。 Compassion for all people at night to have a light。我同情所有不想上床睡觉的人。同情所有夜里要有亮光的人。

25、Nothing in the daytime is extremely easy emotional, but at night it is another matter。在白天对什么都不动感情是极为容易的,但在夜晚就是另外一回事了。

26、But this is the way to Paris earlier, when we were very poor, very happy。但是这就是巴黎早期的样子,那时候我们很穷,却很幸福。

27、The best training for a writer is - not a pleasant childhood。对一个作家最好的训练是—不愉悦的童年。

28、Everyone in the world will suffer setbacks, but there are many people in the broken place looks the most solid。每一个人在世界上都要受挫折,有许多人反而在折断的地方长得最结实。

29、I do not know。 All things are not funny。 That is not。我不知道。所有事情都不好笑了。一点都不。

30、Never be the same people you do not love to travel together。 Do not do any tricks to meet any kind of stereotypes。决不要同你并不爱的人一起出门旅行。不要搞任何花招去迎接任何一种俗套。

31、They are born not to be defeated, people can be destroyed, but can not be beat。人生来就不是为了被打败的,人能够被毁灭,但是不能够被打败。

32、Unless you have love, or you do not know what happiness is。除非你拥有爱,否则你不知道快乐是什么。

33、The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them。 发现你能否信任一个人的最好的方法就是去信任他。

34、When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters。 A character is a caricature。 写小说时,作者应该创造鲜活的人,而不是角色。角色只如漫画。

35、All good books have one thing in common - they are truer than if they had really happened。 好书都有一个共同点——它们都比真实事件还真实。

36、It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write。 Let them think you were born that way。 你学会如何写作与他们无关。要让他们觉得你生来就会写作。

37、I do not care about the pros and cons, then there is nothing in life can not be overcome。只要不计较得失,人生便没有什么不能克服的。

38、Young people have a calm elderly, the elderly should be the spirit of young people。青年人要有老年人的沉着,老年人应有青年人的精神。

39、The thought of my life was gone so quickly, but I'm not really alive, and I can not stand。一想到我的生命消逝得那么迅速,而我并不是真正地活着,我就受不了。

40、Regret his mistakes, and strive not to repeat, this is the real repentance。悔恨自己的错误,而且力求不再重蹈覆辙,这才是真正的悔悟。

41、What is missing now is not the time to think about the things that you think about with what do existing。现在不是去想缺少什么的时候,该想一想凭现有的东西你能做什么。

42、Life always makes us black and blue, but later, those places become more strong injured。生活总是让我们遍体鳞伤,但到后来,那些受伤的地方会变得更坚强。

43、It is the master of all God, if want to conquer the world, we have to first conquer himself。自己就是主宰一切的上帝,倘若想征服全世界,就得先征服自己。

44、Fear of death increases in exact proportion to increase in wealth。 人们对死亡的恐惧是与财富的增长成正比的。

45、Better than others, and not noble; stronger than before himself, is the real noble。比别人强,并不算高贵;比以前的自己强,才是真实的高贵。

46、As long as you do not care about the pros and cons, what can not find ways to overcome life?只要你不计较得失,人生还有什么不能想法子克服?

47、World knockdown everyone, then, many of the people be strong in heartbreak。世界击倒每一个人,之后,许多人在心碎处坚强起来。

48、All things truly wicked start from innocence。 所有邪恶的事一开始都是纯洁的。

49、The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without。 心灵愈加严谨,外表愈加简单

50、If he lies for a living, he should try to lie and die。如果他以谎言为生,他就应该试着以谎言而死。

51、If you have lived in Paris at a young age, that Paris will follow you forever。如果你有幸在年轻时居住过巴黎,那巴黎将会跟着你一辈子。

52、I want to let it know what a person can do to come by, what is a person to endure is maintained。我要让它知道什么是一个人能够办得的,什么是一个人忍受得住的。

53、Unless you're a bullfighter, otherwise no one's life-only rebate。除非你是斗牛士,否则没有谁的生活只进不退。

54、Better than the others, is not noble, true nobility should be better than the past itself。优于别人,并不高贵,真正的高贵应该是优于过去的自己。

55、But having said that, there is no one thing is easy。不过话得说回来,没有一桩事是容易的。

56、But man is not made for defeat。 A man can be destroyed but not defeated。 人不是因失败而生。你可以被摧毁他但是不能被打败他。

57、Self is the master of everything to God, if want to conquer the world, you have to conquer self。自我就是主宰一切的上帝,倘若想征服全世界,就得先征服自我。



The soul cannot live without love。灵魂不能没有爱而存在。






















For,you see,each day I love you more,today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow。你看,每一天我都爱你多一些,今天比昨天多但比明天少。


What the heart thinks,the tongue speaks。心直口快。











Bite the hand that feeds one。恩将仇报。


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