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1、o father's day, wishes to catch an early, health and peace to the first, everything goes well with ran, happiness with you around, enjoy family happiness. Father's day, sincerely wish father ankang!

2、ather well, however, repay you, but only in mind; Father love, such as the sea, and difficult to go beyond, only the inheritance; Father, such as day, should respect, only bless; The father's day, wish my father healthy peace, happy happy!

3、ince the childhood, you wind shelter for me, is my mentor. Since the childhood, I wanted to grow up and because when I grow up I can be your. At ordinary times much embarrassed to say, father's day must loudly thank you!

4、hen frustrated, is your eyes firm encourage me; Travel time, is your care forever with me; When successful, never to see you smile so bright. Father's day came, wish dad Ann happy health!


6、ll over the world men are exclamation: be a boss - not the mind! Marry daughter-in-law - not the house! Buy a house - haven't got the tickets! Is your best: brain has tickets have a house a wife have children, you name it. The elder brothers happy father's day.


8、 father is a pot of fire, and warmed our entire childhood; A father is a navigator, clearly defines the direction of our life; A father is a mountain, education we sincere steadfast people; Thank you to the father's day, father's hard work, I wish my father longevity and health!

9、ather gave me 'blue sky'; Father gave me the 'side fertile soil; His father is the eternal sun in my life; My father is always' spiritual pillar, father's day, I wish my father healthy and happy forever!


11、anCi nurture love deep, look forward to Jackie chan high hopes. Drain blood retting heart peizheng fruit, comb through the wind and rain more wounded. Frost expected lifetime ender know return with a vicissitudes of life years. On the occasion of the feast sincere blessing, father day praying in ankang.

12、ou carry my happy childhood with the shoulder; You the right and wrong, discern with slap warning me; Your eyes tell you mercy; You use persistence to underpin our home; The father's day, wish all fathers life peace!


14、ll said her daughter is father's small cotton-padded jacket, but every time, you always give me warmth; Daughter is father's little valentine, but every time, is you give me a deep feeling. Thank you, my dear father, happy father's day!




18、et the sun shines, and sorrow away; Let the wind blow, tired not to leave; Let the stream using, have money to spend every day; Let the moon shining, warm greetings. The father's day, I wish you a happy holiday, happiness for a long time!

19、t this time, send to heart, happiness ornament; At this time, miss dad, bless you; At this moment, say I love you, your heart, At this point, the clockwork SMS, wish dad festival happiness, health forever!

20、ave a beautiful picture scroll, permanent collection; There is a sincere teachings, remember in heart; A song lyric, and leisurely cordiality stretches; Have a pot of strong alcohol, mellow sweet forever. Father festival, may all good father life safety and happiness!

21、ccording to legend, happiness is a beautiful glass ball, fall, and be broken scattered in every corner of the world, some people picked up more, some people picked up less, I would like to give my point to you, let you more happiness than I, I wish a happy father's day!

22、 father, to the invasion as castle peak; A father, a simple such as' the long spring; The father loves the, warm like 'jiao Yang in spring; The father loves the, broad, such as' vast jianghai! The father's day, wish you a happy holiday, changan life!






28、ather's day has arrived. No sorrow and tired, I wish your father later life in peace degree; Old age is not sick and sore, healthy more auspicious; Hei, late husband and wife; Around age children's knee, happy anniversary reunion.




32、ould you like a beacon to guide my way forward, like haven you give me a warm harbor, is you taught I meet with difficulties don't flinch, must have the courage to cope with difficulties, now to the father's day, sincere tell you 'I love you dad'.

33、is inheritance to you, is not only a name; He silently for you, not only is the life; He devoted to you, is not only the wealth. He is your father, related by blood empathy with you. The father's day, for his blessing.

34、ather, you have given me every drop in life and in my heart is full of sweet, the father, in your face and words, always in my heart. The father's day, dad, I want for you sincere blessings.


36、ove the blue sky overhead, pedal love land, shoulder the responsibility of the family, the breast is a selfless, father thick cotton big love, feeling the warm hearts; Father's day is coming, send you deeply wishes, wish father longevity and health, happiness changan!


38、he long march away, father is my strong support; The wind and rain to taste bitter sweet, father's care is the most warm; With father's encouragement and comfort, my head is always a blue day. Dad, I love you, I wish you a happy father's day!

39、he father's day arrived, thanks to my father, his kindness deep than the sea. Filial piety heart, to my father for father mostly concerned about the daily; Wishes to my father, I wish my father healthy longevity ourtenant.





44、ou are an eagle, I am a bird, you escort me; You are the tree, I am the grass, you put the wind and rain resistance for me. Do you use the power of your life, irrigate my survival soil. The father's day, wish you healthy body!

45、o the father's day, most necessary care dad, for your dad to wash feet, he smiles; Give your father fills waist, warmth to hover; I wish you and your family a better father happy smile!

46、eaven and earth again big, big but also father care for her children; World wide again, also widely but father can rely on arms; Ocean deep, deep but also his father's support. Dad, I wish you a happy father's day happy!



49、is father's face, like the rising sun, as I look forward to my growing; His father's arms, is my most warm haven; Father's smile, is my biggest wish. Father's day, wish all the father happy health!


51、ather's love, it is silent, there are no words, only action; Is broad, not the most, only more. Father's love, such as maintenance, moist. To father say out loud your father's day, wish you love!


53、y dad, you carry back, I'm tall, your legs bent, my way is flat, you years old go to, my mood is bright. Son to father's day, hope you go in peace, longevity and health.



56、ad is your hard work is now of I, also can let me feel the world of good for you. Son father's day approaching, I wish you good health, I wish all father happy holidays! Longevity and health!


58、s great father, however, a father as deep as the sea, the father loves the wind love is everywhere, father's love is like a love silent. Father, today is your holiday, you want to say: dad, you were laborious!


60、ived in the time's river flow, his father's eyes has been so gracious and caring always have inexhaustible power, the gearing blows mood ripples in June, let us together wish to send to my father, happy father's day.

61、ear dad, touched thank you precept, I nurture them, now I have grown up, hardships you don't want a shoulder, let's carry, father's day is coming, you health and peace is my biggest wish!




65、ith his broad chest; Touch him, rough hands; His vicissitudes of the face; Heartache, sides of wind and frost. His love is still deep, he quality of masculinity. The father's day, bless him! Happy father's day!

66、ad's teacher like a lamp, illuminate the future for me; Father's care as an umbrella for my shelter; Father's care as a harbor for me against waves; Daddy, I love you, I wish you a happy holiday!

67、ork on your forehead, you sow on the earth, harvest fruits; You old to is the appearance of youth is a beautiful mood; Wish all fathers a happy holiday!


69、o the father's day, I send you a back garden, the garden is planted tree of wisdom, the flow is the lotus spring, is comfortable flower, is a lucky bridge, wish good luck good mood, happy father's day.

70、here is a love called tough, hidden deep. There is a love called mind, can contain the sea. There is a love called waiting, never speak out. There is a love, sweat most tears, at least. This is a father! Happy father's day!

71、ou with a broad mind tolerance my fault, you use the force of example firm my ideal, you inspired me with gentle smile is successful, you are my life the beloved father. The father's day, dad, I wish you health and happiness, happy to be joyful!






77、ad is a crutch, grew up helped me, dad is lei feng, teach me helpful since I was a child, father is a farmer, since the childhood taught me down-to-earth work, dad really hard, my in the mind is clear. Father festival, wish dad don't again so hard, I will retired life.


79、veryone or small home, and the most warm or go home; Think much or less want, and how much is caring; When dad, when dad, there's a dad; Text message or phone, and father's day greeting him more.


81、ather's emaciated body for us it props up a stretch of loving day, father use industrious hands for us to build a happy home, thanks to his father quietly selfless care and love, father's day, wish all the parents healthy and happy.











From small beginnings comes great things。伟大始于渺小。






























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