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1、ently ears, listen to moving nursery rhymes; Gently, with both hands at the tail of childhood; Gently open the heart, experience the fun of childhood. I wish you all a happy children's day, always have a pure heart!

2、hildhood memories, always freeze in the life the most precious memory, the brilliant smiling face, ringing laugh, chasing the game in the flowers, the mood is more sweet than the flowers? Children's day, wish you forever beautiful flower.

3、ou are clever, let I touched; Your lively, make me happy; Your pure, make me happy; You of all, let me happiness. June children's day, wish you a happy young mind is full of sunshine!









12、leep not urine pants, you can open the car, the pocket is a little small ticket, that I have to congratulate you, need not the feast! But you also want to have fun, somehow the children's day, somehow you are older children.


14、ays the scar on the face, time brought memories imprinted in my heart. But childlike innocence is a state of mind, even years waste, time flies, cherish it, cherish it, you will be always young, June children's day, remember to keep childlike innocence!





19、he sun sky, the flowers to your smile, the bird said early early, I wish you a happy children's day is good, you say life how much trouble, in fact is you trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. Children's day, send you a free and unfettered, wish you happy happy, more beautiful and happy!


21、he other people all say you recently very anomalous, a good trousers cut by you fork, good face you to dirty, feel good words you shout. Only I know the children's day arrived, you want to observe a festival!

22、lockwork SMS make you never grow up, happy things you will never fall, the confused things you would never talk to it, because today is your biggest, don't let this is why, I can only be happy to tell you: happy children's day!


24、hildren's day is not holiday, I'll teach you new gameplay: put on open fork ets, hung snot dripping, see beauty saliva produced crackling, hua hua, he goes to bed at night watching SMS laugh! Early to wish you a happy holiday!

25、hildren's day, I help you with a happy childhood, building blocks, fly a kite, blouses sit to eat blended, lollipop you one I a, ice-sugar gourd a sour and sweet. Happy childhood tong qu, let you go back in time is happy!

26、ild lily also have spring, white swan has the little ugly duck in childhood. Childhood nostalgia, as we never give up don't go to the festival of children's day. Wish all the old urchin, urchin, small child happy children's day!


28、lthough you have passed bed-wetting era, but in the children's day approaching, I still want the overage children say to you: happy children's day! Allow chasing someone else's shadow step on today, but was found, don't know me.

29、he years in a hurry, the memory is still in the heart; Childhood has far, better stay in the heart; Today is June , find tong zhen tong qu; Have a childlike innocence, every day happy happy; June children's day is coming, I wish a happy holiday.

30、haractizing a good season, sunny and pleasant; Peony in full bloom swallow does, rose michelia cherry ripe; Dark spirit grand ideal, top gun and the cause; Young soul saffron, singing and dancing exult celebrate children!

31、lthough your childhood is long gone, even if your side is gray, even if your children are grown, even if you already ageing. In the children's day approaching, I still want to wish you: childlike innocence be always and forever young!


33、chool-age children, lively and bright; Young children, happy hug to each other; Over age children, academic success; Older children and success; Older children, safe life. Children's day, all kinds of children's happiness!




37、hildren's day is coming, wish you used to be a child: youth not old, and maintain pure heart, has a sweet smile, child-like skin, carefree life, fantasy and vision for the future! A happy holiday!

38、lastic times gone by, further evidence of the friendship for a long time, is a children's day, we send you this message, you have invited in the past, the good times laugh, wish you remain with health, pure family happiness in the world.

39、 wish we these surface scenery heart wanders; Appearance is not the old man has the vicissitudes of life; There seems to be only actually Jiang Lang; Achievements are often depressed; Than the mule tired ant, yue fei more ZhongLiang bring together years children, children happy!

40、ouch your head, please take your troubles; Touch your face, let face it more beautiful; Touch your hand, let us hand in hand together go to childhood! June children's day, I ask you to go to the playground to play, you still not quick to!




44、he good news: children's day, to go to school can be late arrival, go to work lazy shout tired, love need not furtive, wetting the bed need not feel ashamed. Please forward the message to tell each other, early to wish you a happy June hand!

45、une children's day arrived, don't forget the childlike innocence and tong qu, childlike innocence keep children around forever not old, a happy children's childhood friend accompany the brilliant. I wish a happy children's day is infinite, happiness, health forever.


47、ix rows of sit, please eat blended: eat happy fruit, good mood every day; The eat fruit is successful, everything goes well; Eat fruit, good luck always good luck; Eat the blessing, happy good life. I wish a happy children's day!

48、o count the young dream, the wind gently brushed fantasy; Attachment was the rain, step for pure heart; I grew up quietly, you childhood is still beautiful. A dizi sound too long, may the seven full happy note, singing songs you grew up!



51、ond banyan, cicadas in the summer of sound cried; On the edge of the playground swing, only butterflies stop at the top; The songs of childhood is still echoed in the ears, childhood is far away from us, I wish the childhood happiness be with you always!

52、hat is children's day, wish you like as lively and lovely children, like children's honest and kind, like children pure curiosity, like children's day day up, but don't be naughty, more no urine kang at night!

53、he sable cicada a smile, dong zhuo to drop our lives; Chou-heung, a smile, the soul tiger disappear; A smile, kongming shuro can't escape; If you have a smile, nose ran straight into the mouth. Children's day is coming, please wipe nasal discharge to place to get a piece of paper.


55、ith innocent eyes to find the good life, with a hot heart to feel the warmth in life, with a face of innocence smile to infect the people around, happy life infinite attentively, I wish a happy children's day!

56、hildren's day, busy! Send you piece of happy sugar, sweet mouth taste; Send you face flag lucky, opportunity in the hands of young; Send you root blessing, wishful heart enjoy! Don't you want to accept a gift, remember to put the blessing!



59、hildren's day approaching, I wish you used to be a child: young, keep a pure heart, has a sweet smile, child-like skin, carefree life state, a fantasy and longing for the future!

60、une children's day to send text messages to send blessing, wish you have a childlike innocence, every day happy, have tong qu, happy good pleasure, have a childlike innocence, good dream come true, have dance the peacock, youth is changeless, I wish you a happy children's day, the body healthy forever.

61、emember that song when I was a child, the familiar tunes sung memory. Remember that when I was a child I, more to thank has you to accompany me along the way. And I grew up with you a happy children's day!


63、end you a time add a lollipop, please cherish childhood memory, my good wishes for a child, you busy life down don't you my friendship, children's day is coming, remember to maintain a childlike innocence.

64、ake a deep breath and exhale, long pressure again big lightly; Shook his head, clap your hands and happiness go with you; Twisting waist, lift my foot, youth not old; Relax, good mood, children more happy holidays! I wish a happy holiday!


66、ld heart not old, enthusiasm is treasure; Old let youth, youth forever; God to old age, love is higher than day. Have a childlike innocence, no worries, the June children's day, best wishes to your care, I wish you a lifetime do older children, every day is beautiful!

67、hildren's day, information transmission. Fun is good, the New Year. Few words, love is infinite. Interest in your career and happiness of your family. Good health and earn more money. Respect the elders, young love. Friends, good causes and conditions. Laughter, forever.

68、hildren's day will come! I use two foot flower cloth to make an open-backed pants for you, let you happy with the model of step, revealing the sexy little ass, make you feel soft and cool, happy over age children in advance!


70、veryone is a child. Children belong to you, belong to my children, children belong to him, child belongs to us all. June children's day come, bless you, bless me, bless him, bless us all!



73、lowers open laughter sweet, just thick fragrant days of June. Clear water for white duck, both painting ship wood pulp. Do fairy chang e envy children's day, she think of worldly pleasures lazy. Dared ask YaoTai who is the Lord? Sunray buds appear is childhood. Children with blossoming smile!

74、 wish little mind older kids happy children! Indulge yourself, don't hold! Know you usually pack adult's hard! Observe a festival, want to eat eat hand, we would like to wet the bed wetting the bed, who CARES who just bite! Happy children's day!

75、ext messages to a, let happiness be with you hug, let difficulties see you guaiguai road, lets the worry secretly walk off, let auspicious tone to you, let happiness forever smile to you! Children's happiness!




79、hildren's day again, though you have long enough, but I still wish you youth not old, keep a childlike innocence, children the same tender skin, have children innocent smiling face, a beautiful fantasy and vision for the future forever.


81、ant to let you leave, can you age a bit big; You want to send a small red flowers, afraid you embarrassed to accept; Want to put you to boast, but you were the best. Children's day is coming, you just send a lump of clay, squeezing the happiness!








Plain living and high thinking。生活要朴素,情操要高尚。






No man or woman is worth your tears,and the one who is,won’t make you cry。没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣。





























Promises are often like the butterfly,which disappear after beautiful hover.承诺常常很像蝴蝶,美丽的飞盘旋然后不见。


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